Information about me and my shop


Hi there!

Thank you for coming .

Here is no team yet, onle me.

My name is Leila i am 38 and since i was child i looove to draw. One day i decide to make my hobby to work. And now, with a big heart and passion, embodying with a howl an old dream.

I think, you also like art if you are here.

Therefor, I want to share with you some of my work. All products in the store are hand-drawn and digitally processed and produced in high quality. I am glad that you are here and I hope my products will inspire you.

Firstly, here is some guide for my site ↓

In ORIGINAL you can find physical illustrations for your order. It is illustration i’ve made by hand, consequently in 1 exemplar. Mostly i draw with walercolor, but sometimes i use mixed technique. However, it can be unique wall decor for you or, for instance, as a present to person you want to please.

In ART PRINTS you will find posters. In other words, it is a copies from my original arts which were higt resoluton scanned and printed later. Therefore, you can choose the different sizes from A6 (postcard size) till A4. If there any size what you need and not marked as available, you can always contact me, be sure we will find the solution 😊

In PRINTABLE page you can find files for download. That is to say, there are not phisycal product will de sent. To clarify, it as a higt resolution scan from my original art. This was made special for your possibility to print on different surfaces. For instance, in galery you can find some example surfaces. So, it can be a good solution if your friend has a bithday and you want to give something unique. Or maybe you have a small (or not small) business connected with print service . In that case you also could be interested in PATTERN

If you still have questions, please contact me